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This is a picture of Chicago Meigs Field. It was taken from the airport ramp on June 10, 2002, before Mayor Daley secretly destroyed this airport on March 30, 2003, by bulldozing large X's across the runway, stranding General Avaiation aircraft. I had landed here during my last Cessna 172 trip out east........

Chicago Meigs Field CGX

Parked on the Meigs ramp looking NNW toward the John Hancock Building through the haze

on June 10, 2002 at 9:18 A.M. CDT after completing the first stop of the trip.

Chicago Meigs Field CGX

This is a picture of the former Meigs Field and Soldiers Field that was taken from the Sears Tower on October 15, 2003.

Now Meigs Feilds is completely destroyed. This travesty is quite the testimonial to the total lack of open and honest government in Chicago.

Sears Tower from Meigs Ramp

This picture was taken from the Meigs Ramp looking past Soldiers Field up at the Sear's Tower

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